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2 years ago

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Never forget the first moment he walked into a public restroom and took me to the sexy lingerie. It was at a picnic area near Maidstone. There are bathrooms and forests around. was half redporn cabin, stripped and sat on the toilet only stockings, garter belt, thong redporn with lace and red heels. I read the graffiti and stroked my cock hardening as redporn I heard someone enter the door of the cabin next door. There were several small holes in the wall and a larger hole. My pulse was racing aber that someone was watching me through one of the holes. I got up and redporn moved as if he was heterosexual, he would have a good look at me in my sexy lingerie. A piece of paper came through one hole, I took it and read it. "You look very sexy, I'd love to have some fun when you're ready for this? " I replied : "Feeling horny as hell, what would you do me?" And put it back through the hole. A few minutes came another piece of paper with "hisnot sure about this, but I would like to take you to the jungle, so you can suck my dick and maybe more if you want? " I replied," You lead and I follow, " the cab left, I hurried to finish my jogging, rowers and coaches left the bathroom again and went across the grass in the forest for i. a short distance away. disappeared into the tree line, I followed him through the trees to a clearing. When I called you were standing in a small clearing with a large concrete panel with us. that quickly took off again in my underwear and my high heels again. his trousers and pants, pushed me, so I was crouching in front of him and stuck his hard cock in the mouth. his cock was about 6 inches thick enough. I opened my mouth and he himself, licking around the hull, as it slipped into my mouth. put his hands on my head and started pushing his cock in and out of my mouth, I could feel on the back of my throat. kept my shitThe mouth for a few minutes and then took me to my feet, turned and bent over me so that my hands were resting on the floor of cement. I said redporn open your legs, then got behind me, I pulled the thong aside, spread my ass cheeks and started to rim my tight ass. While doing so took my throbbing cock and stroking it gently. I was in heaven, I really enjoy the feeling of redporn his hand on my cock and his tongue in my ass when I heard a twig break. We both looked around and there were two guys who are in the small clearing. We both smiled, so I had to know we were safe, and they were here for the same reason. one of the guys came to me before, had his pants and told me to suck his cock. I opened my mouth and he just put redporn directly in I grabbed her head and face redporn fucked that I did not care if he was enjoying it or not, but I do, I love being used like a bitch, especialy when I wear underwear horny! was very verbal, they say things like, "That's it, suck my cock dirty slut, I bet you love her in the ass do redporn not you think after you have taken a good and proper for us all. " The man then told me black kiss " dog hole is ready for a queue or " replied. " Yes, it's nice and wet. "" Well, you just are not there, one of which is obtained on that cock and ass shit it! . " He put his cock back in my throat and held it there as she pushed the cock a wet hole felt pushed against my tight ass, and I felt like opening the tap slid into my ass and did not stop until that was all the way inside me and his balls resting on my ass. fuck me together, my neck was redporn always beating and my ass always the damned, who demanded it. the type of shit mouth with his cock stopped the throat, not wanting to cum too soon, because I wanted to be an ass. that man said fuck me hard fuck me and fill me with his cum! was clear to me that he was not wearingCondom, but it was too late, he held my hips and hit my hole, my husband really overcome her pussy for
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